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Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

pantai sri ntujuh

Pantai Sri Tujuh is one of the famous beach in Kelantan. There are many changes in the shape and condition of this beach since ten of years back. I used to visit this beach many times in the past, and recently I have a chance to visit this place again.
pantai sri tujuh
During my recent visit, there are many people near the chalet and around chalet area. however, there are not many people in the beach area… maybe it is noon and it is very hot, sunny day.
pantai sri tujuh
If you visit kelantan, and if you love beach, other than Pantai Cahaya Bulan near Kota Bharu, this place is also a good choices. It is because it only located about 7 km from Kota Bharu Town. There are few resort at this beach (located not so near to the beach) because normally during the monsoon, the wind is very strong and sometimes the beach is flooded.
From Kota Bharu town, you can take bus to this beach. The bus is Bus No 27A and also No 43. Inform the driver that you want to go to Pantai Sri Tujuh. He will able to assist you and let you know where.
In this beach, i heard that they always organise Flying Kites Competition. However, i haven’t had any chances to visit it.
During the visit, I manage to take some photo to share with all of you.
pantai sri tujuh
pantai sri tujuh
pantai sri tujuh


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